40+ Epic Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Kids, Depending on Their Age

Summer is a pretty magical time to throw a birthday party. Not to knock Winter or anything, but Summer parties let you experience great outdoor weather and a lot of fun activities that otherwise would be closed. If you're planning a birthday party this Summer for your little one (even if they're not so little anymore), it's helpful to have a handy list of ideas to get them excited. While some trips and plans are great for older kids, others are more simple and laid back. Keep reading for a ton of fantastic Summer birthday party ideas for different age groups that will help the celebration get going.

Ages 2-3
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Ages 2-3

Children from a young age are fascinated by a lot of neat things. While they won't likely remember these birthdays at such a young age, this is a really fun time to watch their little minds get blown by getting to explore different activities.

Ages 4-7
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Ages 4-7

As children get older, they can start to appreciate more intricate and awe-inspiring activities. Keep them focused and entertained with some of these ideas.

Ages 8-10
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Ages 8-10

This is the age where things can get turned up a notch. At this point, they probably have a steady group of friends that they know really well, and they start to take more of an interest in adult-like activities while still loving the games of childhood.

Ages 11 and Up
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Ages 11 and Up

At this age, children start to transition into tweens and teens, who are responsible enough to be left on their own. Give them a chance to play with their friends by themselves (while monitoring from a distance, of course), and they will have the best birthday.

  • Age-appropriate music festival party
  • Theme park party
  • Movie theater party
  • Kickball tournament party
  • Concert party to see their favorite musician
  • Lake house weekend party (invite the parents, too!)
  • Backyard dance party
All Ages
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All Ages

There are some birthday party ideas that are great, no matter what your age is. Here, everyone can have fun.

  • Pool party
  • Beach/sandcastle-building party
  • Outdoor pizza party
  • Bonfire/s'mores party
  • Mud race obstacle course party
  • Backyard BBQ party