A Teacher Remixed "Truth Hurts" to Empower Her Students and Got Lizzo's 100% Approval

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Let's be great, 'cause I know we are great! That's the motto DorothyHoney Mallari recently instilled in her second grade students when she taught them a remixed version of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts." The California Bay Area educator turned the No. 1 single into an anthem for her class and captured their energetic cover on camera — desk dancing and all.

The Pittsburgh Unified School District shared the class's empowering video on YouTube and it also made its rounds on Twitter, where the clip quickly went viral. Even Lizzo chimed in with her support and wrote, "Ur right.. this IS the best thing I've watched today 😍." On top of including inspiration lyrics, DorothyHoney's re-creation is just as fun as the original. Watch her class's video above, and don't be surprised if the song gets stuck in your head all day.