21 Things You Should Absolutely Never Say to a Woman Trying to Get Pregnant

...the life that you have grown accustomed to will be forever changed, for the better.

For so many women, trying to get pregnant can be an emotional roller coaster that's packed with insecurities, heightened worries, and the longing for a little one to call your own. When my husband and I were trying, we didn't tell anyone, in large part because we didn't want to build up our families' hopes. Keeping it so close to our chests also helped us better manage our own expectations. It's the most personal journey a couple or person can go through and one which some people are more open about than others.

Considering that trying to get pregnant can take anywhere from a measly month to multiple years, each couple's experience can be wildly different. For some, myself included, there can be loss and heartbreak along the way. Despite the fact that this is such a sensitive topic, people can get caught up in saying some pretty insensitive things. While there isn't a script for what to say when talking to someone who is trying to conceive, it's best if you avoid any of the phrases ahead.

  1. If you're meant to have a baby, it will happen.
  2. Are you sure you're not pregnant already?
  3. When was your last period?
  4. Maybe you're tracking your ovulation wrong.
  5. Don't go to a doctor, try this tea instead!
  6. God doesn't make mistakes. He'll get you your baby when He is ready.
  7. What sexual positions have you tried?
  8. Can you really afford a kid?
  9. You should just adopt instead.
  10. Just relax.
  11. I have too many kids! You want one?
  12. What's his sperm count like?
  13. But, what if you end up with multiples?
  14. You can always just do IVF!
  15. You already have a kid; isn't one enough?
  16. At least you have your health.
  17. Aren't you so excited?!
  18. Are you sure you're ready for a child?
  19. I took a class in college once about this, and you should definitely be pregnant by now.
  20. You look like you've gained weight anyway.
  21. I got pregnant by accident! We weren't even trying.