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Things You Shouldn't Say to a Pregnant Woman

29 Things You Should Never, Under Any Circumstances, Say to Your Pregnant Partner

William Stitt/Unsplash

When you're pregnant, you probably get a little more attention than you're used to. People give you advice, touch your belly, ask you questions, and stare (yes, there is a human growing inside of me, so can you please let me have your damn seat on the bus?!). The unsolicited advice, mostly unwelcome petting, and often ridiculous comments come from everyone — strangers and family included — but one person they should never come from? Your partner.

The person you love is probably just as excited about your growing family as you are, but you're the one that's dealing with everything pregnancy has to offer — swollen ankles, itchy skin, sleepless nights, a ridiculous amount of trips to the bathroom, the list goes on. And while we sometimes get overwhelmed and lash out at a stranger, we usually reserve our heated responses for the ones we love most. So to avoid all that, here's a list of things every partner of a pregnant woman should never, ever say. Feel free to print it out and hang it on the fridge until your little one's arrival.

  1. I'm so tired.
  2. Maybe you should buy some maternity clothes.
  3. They ran out of chocolate milkshakes.
  4. How are you still hungry?
  5. But you just went to the bathroom.
  6. So, what's for dinner tonight?
  7. Calm down.
  8. I ate the last cookie.
  9. I'm going to take a nap.
  10. Are you sure there's only one baby in there?
  11. You're so emotional.
  12. You've been a little needy lately.
  13. You seem to be sweating a lot.
  14. You sure you want to eat that weird combination of food?
  15. You kinda kept me up last night.
  16. Aw, your face is starting to look a little fuller.
  17. Why are you so tired?
  18. I have a designated driver for nine months!
  19. That's not something to get upset about.
  20. Ugh, I feel like I'm gaining weight.
  21. Are you seriously crying over that commercial?
  22. What's going on with your ankles?
  23. Hey, big mama!
  24. Your boobs are almost touching your belly button.
  25. I don't think those pants fit anymore.
  26. My back hurts.
  27. I can't wait to have a drink after work tonight.
  28. It's only three more months. Hang in there!
  29. At least you get to relax and not go to work for a few months when the baby comes.
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