23 Tiny Matching Tattoos That Will Make You and Your Mom Want to Get Inked

The bond between a mother and daughter is so incredibly special that sometimes, it's worth permanently celebrating. We looked to Instagram to find the best examples of matching tattoos and were overwhelmed with how many duos have gotten matching ink. We narrowed it down to our favorite small designs that are nothing short of sweet. If your mom is your best friend, the following tattoos will definitely speak to you.

"I Will"

"To Infinity . . . And Beyond"

"A mother is your first friend, your best friend & your forever friend."

"Insieme" (Together) and "Per Sempre" (Forever)

Matching Minnie Mouses

Only One Call Away

Jersey Shore


"Beautiful" Rose


Two Sister Elephants Behind Their Mother

Mother and Daughter Flowers


Music Notes


Marie and Duchess From The Aristocats



Mama Elena

Matching Moons