A Toddler Dressed Up as Chuckie From Rugrats For Halloween, and Cue the Theme Song!

If you love the '90s, you're gonna want to gather round, because we've officially found the greatest Rugrats-inspired Halloween costume of all time. Lainey Paschal, a mom of three from Texas, went above and beyond to dress up her son Zacariah as Chuckie Finster, the lovable red-headed toddler that was already somehow adorably nerdy at his age.

Lainey shared a side-by-side photo of the beloved cartoon character and her son to Facebook with the caption, "I say we nailed it!!!!" and we couldn't agree more, because what's not to love? Lainey managed to find Chuckie's signature t-shirt and shorts, and even got his shoes and socks combo down pat. And don't even get me started on his glasses! They're seriously spot on.