This Bullseye Light For the Toilet Might Be the Most Clever Potty-Training Tool We’ve Seen

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Potty-training a toddler of either sex can be trying, but for boys especially, trying to teach them how to aim is a whole other ball game (not to mention, their aim never does seem to improve as they age). Enter: the Toddler Target Potty Training Bullseye Light, a seriously cool product that attaches to the lid of your toilet and shines a green target into the bottom of the bowl.

The light, which turns on and off via motion sensor, promotes independent potty-training for boys but can turn potty-training into a fun game for girls as well (it also acts as a handy nightlight for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips). It's an especially great tool for kids who are more visual learners or who need extra guidance through potty training and beyond.

Check out the product ahead — you can order it now and have a (hopefully) pee-less toilet rim in a matter of days.