I've Been Rendered Speechless After Watching a Dad Hype Up His Potty-Training Toddler

Most parents know that getting their little ones to do their business on the actual potty is no easy feat. However, after watching Joe Bobadilla, a father of three from Broomall, PA, hype up his 3-year-old son Julian while he attempts to go to the bathroom, we might be overhauling our strategy.

Joe's wife, Jenna, caught the entire exchange on video and shared it to Facebook, where it instantly blew up. And how could it not? I feel like I'm sitting courtside at a 76ers game while watching it. Hearing a passionate dad scream, "Are you gonna poop on the potty? Are you gonna pee on the potty?" is a nice touch.

"Julian is potty-training, and we are having a tough time with the poo portion," Jenna told POPSUGAR. "He's good with number one, but it's almost as if he's scared to do number two. My son loves, LOVES all things music and dancing and is very into speakers that he can take all over the house. My husband figured he'd try to get him excited about the poop. He essentially acted as his own personal poop hype man. My son loved it and actually ended up going the next day. He looks up to his daddy very much and is so sweet with his new little sister, who's only a few months old. They're a great tribe."