These Are the Most Searched Kids' Costumes of 2017, According to Google

If finding the perfect Halloween costume for your little one has taken a serious backseat this year, you're in luck. Google just released its enormous list of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2017. And while it comes as no surprise that Wonder Woman took the cake for first place this year, there are plenty of other options — from sweet to spooky — that are completely Kodak-worthy. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the most popular costumes for kids in the US, according to Google.

Wonder Woman

This year's biggest blockbuster movie ensures you'll see tons of mini warrior princesses straight out of the Amazon. Wonder Woman costumes are the most popular choice by a landslide — in every state from California to Michigan to Alabama.

Harley Quinn

Yes, this villain definitely had a moment last year, but apparently the trend is still going strong. You'll see little Harley Quinns by the droves in six states, including the District of Columbia, Georgia, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.


Animals are always a solid go-to for kiddos big and small, and bunny costumes are no exception. Rabbits are projected to be the top dog in the costume department in Idaho and New Hampshire.


Whether your children can stomach a Pennywise costume from the Stephen King remake or want to go old school, clowns are definitely in this Halloween. These colorful get-ups are the top costume choice in Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and West Virginia.


Is there anything cuter than a teeny-tiny witch? No! And believe it or not, this classic is the most popular choice in Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah for All Hallows' Eve.


If you're looking to beef up your Instagram account, there's no doubt anything and everything unicorn-related does the trick. And this adorable trend is still going strong. If you live in North Dakota or Oregon, be prepared to see tons of horns!


It goes without question that Moana is going to be a top costume choice in 2017. She's a Disney princess, after all!


Beauty and the Beast was a smash hit thanks to Emma Watson, and it looks like costumes inspired by the Disney classic are going to be a dime a dozen.

Star Wars Characters

As long as a new Star Wars movie is in the works, you can pretty much guarantee everything from Yoda to Darth Vader to Rey will be in style for kiddos.


Some things never go out of fashion. And that's definitely true in the case of pirates — this ensemble is at the top of the list again this year.


These totally lovable costumes from Trolls are high on the list of fan favorites. You'll see a lot of little ones dressed up like Poppy and Branch while roaming the streets in search of candy this year.


Got a little one who seems to have no fear? A superscary zombie costume might be just what the doctor ordered. And if you're planning on trick-or-treating in Minnesota and Wisconsin, prepare to see the undead.


Superheroes are all the rage all the time, thanks to a constant stream of movies hitting theaters. And we're so happy girls are getting involved in the trend. Keep your eyes peeled for mini do-gooders this Halloween if you live in Maine.