Make Your Little Sweethearts Laugh With These 20 Valentine's Day Jokes For Kids

Valentine's Day doesn't have to just mean candy and cards for children. While, yes, those things are definitely important (all the chocolate!), getting a good laugh out of your kids can be the ultimate sweet treat for both of you. Sprucing up the Valentine's Day humor in your house with these adorable jokes is a great way to foster the little comedians in your family while at the same time, teaching them about puns and idioms. Crack a few of these jokes and help your kids memorize their favorite ones to share with teachers and friends!

  1. "Are you a triangle?" Answer: "Cause you sure are acute!"
  2. "What did pilgrims give each other on Valentine's Day?" Answer: "Mayflowers"
  3. "Why do Valentines have hearts on them?" Answer: "Because brains would be pretty gross!"
  4. "What did the ghost say to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day?" Answer: "Be my Valen-slime!"
  5. "What did the paper clip say to the magnet?" Answer: "I find you very attractive."
  6. "What did the Valentine's card say to the stamp?" Answer: "Stick with me and you'll go places."
  7. "What did one pickle say to the other?" Answer: "You mean a great dill to me!"
  8. "What did the calculator say to the pencil on Valentine's Day?" Answer: "You can count on me."
  9. "What did one drum say to the other on Valentine's Day?" Answer: "My heart beats for you."
  10. "Why is lettuce the most loving vegetable?" Answer: "Because it's got heart."
  11. "What do you call a very small Valentine?" Answer: "A valen-tiny."
  12. "What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus?" Answer: "Can I hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand?"
  13. "What did one volcano say to the other?" Answer: "I lava you."
  14. "What kind of flower do you never give on Valentines Day?" Answer: "Cauliflower."
  15. "Do skunks celebrate Valentine's Day?" Answer: "Sure, they're very scent-imental!"
  16. "What did the snake say to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day?" Answer: "Give me a little hiss."
  17. "How does cupid visit his girlfriend?" Answer: "On an arrow-plane!"
  18. "What does a carpet salesman give his wife for Valentine's Day?" Answer: "Rugs and kisses."
  19. "Why did the man send his wife a tweet on Valentine's Day?" Answer: "Because she is his tweetheart!"
  20. "Why did the boy have his girlfriend put in jail?" Answer: "She stole his heart."