Hi, NBA, Dwyane Wade's 1-Year-Old Daughter Is Ready For the Big Game Judging by This Video

Allow us to interrupt your day for a moment with a video that's guaranteed to make you giggle. Former basketball player Dwyane Wade has decided it's time for 1-year-old daughter Kaavia to learn what it takes to become an NBA star. Both him and mom Gabrielle Union shared a sweet video on Instagram of a short but fierce game of basketball between the two. "Clearly @dwyanewade misses the game & @kaaviajames defense proves she's ready for the NBA," Gabrielle wrote in the caption, and we'd have to agree with her.

The video showed the father and daughter dribbling and messing around with a ball, and she might only be a year old, but Dwyane — who, by the way, was peak dad wearing slippers and a robe while playing the big game — didn't take it easy on her. Tiny but mighty Kaavia continued to fight back, screaming with excitement every time she ran after the bright pink ball. Next, it was mom's turn to take on a game with the toddler, which was equally as adorable. If this video is anything to go by, Kaavia might have a successful basketball career ahead of her. The Women's National Basketball Association even shared the clip of her supercute skills.

Watch the full video above — it's sure to make you crack a smile, but then again, when is Kaavia not making us smile?