If Jennifer Garner Can’t Find Her Car in a Mall Garage in Less Than 25 Minutes, We’re All Doomed

Jennifer Garner is every single one of us trying to navigate busy malls and shopping centers during the holiday season. Armed with a new Build-A-Bear, the busy mom of three spent 25 minutes looking for her car in a — ahem, one-level — parking garage, and wow, relatable!

"We've been walking for 10 minutes," Jen says to the person videoing her, as she tries to remember where exactly she left her car. "It's in Y. . . I stopped to tie my shoe. . . I'm sweating . . . Oh, gosh, this is where it gets complicated." After joking that she "should be on CSI: Miami" and getting in her friends' car to quicken the search, Jen finds her car muchhhh further away from where she thought she left it. "It's so rude to just move someone's car!" she says, through laughter.

I've never felt something on a deeper level, especially during the busy holiday season. If Jen can't find her car in less than 25 minutes in a one-level garage, we're all doomed.