This Video of a "Naughty" Kid Saying He's Going to Punch Santa's Beard Off Is the Next Box Office Horror Flick

For kids who patiently wait for Santa to come down the chimney every year, being on the nice list is serious business. While absolutely no one wants coal for Christmas, a little British boy by the name of Jackson is taking being in Santa's good graces more seriously than most. In a hilarious video, Jackson goes at it with his dad about whether or not he's on the naughty list. And, oh boy, things really take a funny turn with respect to Santa — particularly when he jokingly threatens to "punch his beard off" with an uppercut — which, by the way, looks pretty good.

We're not the only ones who let out a few chuckles under our breaths. As soon as a the video was posted on Twitter, it instantly went viral. The original poster shared the minute-long clip with the caption: "Guys my dad just showed me this video & I really hope it makes ur day just as it's made mine." With more than 9 million views, the comments section was chock-full of lol-worthy reactions. Scroll through to get a peek at some of our favorites.