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Toddler Tries to Sit in a Chair For the First Time | Video

This Hilarious Video of a Toddler Trying to Sit in a Chair Is, Well . . . Peak Toddler

Andrea Lyon, a mom and journalist from Florida, has enjoyed witnessing all of her 1-and-a-half-year-old son Aiden's firsts in life. Although they're usually pretty straightforward, she recently captured his first attempt at sitting in a chair, and frankly, it's the definition of peak toddler.

"He always tries to sit on everything this way," Andrea told POPSUGAR. "Aiden always wants to sit on his soccer balls, his stuffed animals, and now his new red chair. I knew I had to catch it on camera! This time he added a little extra by pulling the chair closer, which really made it hilarious."

While seeing the milestone in real time was memorable for Andrea, she knew sharing the video on Facebook would give people a reason to smile. "For everyone struggling today, watch Aiden learning how to sit," she captioned the heartwarming video. "Things could be so much harder if you didn't know how to sit." Eventually, Aiden was able to master putting his butt in the seat, but his journey to get there was amazing!

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