These Toy Story 4 Stars Attempting to Build Their Own Versions of Forky Is Hilarious

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As with each new Toy Story film, the franchise's fourth installment includes quite a few new characters — some hilarious, some adorable (and honestly, some terrifying — looking at you, Benson). The standout new character, though? Forky, Bonnie's new friend that she quite literally made with her own hands at her kindergarten orientation. The hysterical plastic spork (voiced by Tony Hale) is the inspiration for a ton of the film's plot, makes some of the best jokes, and cutest of all, he really brings out the best in Woody.

To celebrate Toy Story 4 hitting theaters on June 21, some of the film's voice actors got together to create their own Forkys, and the results are hilarious. See Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks, Keegan-Michael Key, and other cast members get crafty (with a stressful two-minute time limit!), but also get a few exclusive looks at scenes from the newest movie. You and the kids are both going to love it (but really, this one's for the parents)!