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Toy Story 4 Parents' Guide

Toy Story 4 Is an Absolute Must See With the Kids, but There Are a Few Things to Be Wary Of

Toy Story 4 Parents' Guide
Image Source: Disney

Come in close, y'all, because I'm making a bold statement: Toy Story 4 is the best kids' movie that's come out in a long time, and your kids need to see it.

Walking into the theater, I'll admit it . . . I was a little skeptical. Toy Story 3 wrapped up the franchise of my childhood so well that I wasn't sure what parts of the story were left to be told, but woooo boy, I stand corrected — there was plenty of story to tell, and Pixar has gone and messed me up in the feelings all over again (there's no slow drop into an incinerator in this one, but damn, so many emotional moments).

Which brings me to what, I feel, are important things to note about the film for those parents bringing young children (we'll say under 6 or so) to the theater with them when it's released on June 21. It's perfectly appropriate for kids of all ages (though there are some innuendos, as with any great children's movie), but there were a few moments when I felt I would have had to do some damage control if I'd been with a young kid.

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