Please Enjoy This Adorable Dad Pretending to Understand His Baby's Incoherent Jibber-Jabber

Serious question: is there anything cuter than babies attempting to talk and spewing out gibberish? The answer is no, and we have some hysterical proof. An adorable young boy has gone viral on Facebook after his mom, Shanieke Pryor, shared the above video of him having a full-fledged babbling conversation with his dad. And it's definitely the cutest thing you'll see all day week.

In the clip, the father-son duo are seen hanging out on a couch in front of a TV and having the sweetest back-and-forth discussion about what they're watching. Each time the baby rattles off an incoherent bit of nonsense, his dad pretends to understand his ramblings and excitedly responds with phrases like "That's exactly what I was thinking!" and "Really? I thought the same thing!" All LOLs aside, the father's method of speaking normally to his baby son is the picture-perfect way to encourage your child to learn language at an early age. You go, dad!

In less than 24 hours, the video garnered more than 17 million views (sheesh!) and more than 100,000 comments from people remarking on how absurdly adorable and pure their interaction is. File this one under: heartwarming videos to bookmark for days when we need a laugh.