Viral Video of Dad Hyping Up His Son's Haircut Is the Most Wholesome Example of A+ Parenting

Comedian Kevin Fredericks, who goes by KevOnStage on social media, is melting hearts on the internet after sharing a now-viral video that puts his A+ parenting skills on display. In the one-minute clip shared on Twitter, Kevin hypes up his young son who just got a haircut. "I don't even recognize you anymore!" Kevin exclaims in amazement while pointing the camera at his smiling son and his fresh 'do. "I used to know a baby named Isaiah . . . who are you?!" he jokes. Kevin even offered to swap beds and let his son sleep in his king-size bed for the night as a reward for having the "best haircut in the house." Ha!

In just a few days, Kevin's video went bonkers on Twitter, garnering more than five million views — plus hundreds of replies from users who couldn't help but admire the sweet father-son interaction. Read through some of the cute reactions ahead to see just how much joy the video is bringing people on Twitter. More heartwarming parenting moments like this in 2019, please!

Kevin's Viral Video

The Twitter Reactions