6 Amazing Things Parents Don't Know About the Kidz Bop Crew

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It's hard to believe that Kidz Bop has been filling family homes and cars for 15 years with kid-friendly versions of the most popular songs of the season. The group of performers representing this beloved music brand has rotated over the years, and the current Kidz Bop kids are Ashlynn Chong, Sela Hack, Grant Knoche, and Matt Martinez. In honor of their new album, Kidz Bop 33, the youngsters behind this beloved music chatted with POPSUGAR about their unique ability to unite both kids and parents with their songs. Children might love singing along with their own peers and parents may appreciate the age-appropriate twist, but there's still a lot more to appreciate about this group that many don't realize.

  1. They're Always Working: From rehearsals to shows and press events, no two days are the same for these young talents. They spend almost every weekend together for shows and are just as committed to their obligations during the week even though Grant recognizes that they have a lot on their plate. "We work on everything all of the time so we are constantly practicing the show, our singing, and our dancing, so it's a lot of hard work but it's also a lot of fun," Grant said.
  2. They're Actually Kids: No adults posing as teens here! Although Sela and Ashlynn are the oldest members of the group at 15 years old, Ashlynn has already been a Kidz Bop kid for the past three years. Grant and Matt are both 13 years old and have also been with the group since they were each 10 years old.

  3. They Do Their Schooling Together: These kids have a dedicated tutor who teaches them during the morning and is on tour with them. While some might think that they would get sick of each other, Matt enjoys their unique schooling arrangement. "It's really cool because we get a lot of one-on-one time with our teacher, which is a lot of help," Matt said.

  4. They Are Legitimately Friends: Although they spend so much time together, from the tour bus to the classroom, during their limited free time, they opt to enjoy it with one another instead of exploring on their own. From hanging out on the tour bus to going on stage, Sela realizes that the bond they've formed goes beyond friendship. "We're all like a family, we're really close with each other," Sela said.

  5. They Have Some Great Advice For Kids: One of the reasons this group appears to be so passionate about what they do is because they really do love it and they hope their young fans not only see them going after their own dreams but also realize the importance of following their own. "Just love what you do because when you love what you're doing, you'll definitely be happier and have more success," Sela said.

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