Women Reveal the Things People Said to Them After Miscarrying, and It's Heartbreaking

The emotions of having a miscarriage are heartbreaking as is, but the comments that some women hear after miscarrying can sometimes make things even worse. Saying things like "it wasn't meant to be" or "you can try again" is painful to hear for someone in mourning, and these comments do more harm than the person saying those things realizes.

The Miscarriage Association is here to change that.

The organization has called upon anyone who's been affected by miscarriage to share the things others said to them while mourning — and the things they wish they'd heard instead — with the #SimplySay campaign, which recognizes that it's difficult to find the right things to say to someone going through this type of loss. In honor of the campaign, women and men who have experienced miscarriage and its effects are sharing the specific comments they feel can help people immensely.

"I don't want to hear any comment that starts with the words 'at least,'" a woman named Amy shared. "'At least you are young,' 'At least you can conceive,' or, for me the worst one, 'At least it wasn't a real baby yet.' All I wanted was for someone to give me a hug and acknowledge what had happened."

This campaign is an incredibly inspiring effort, and it's helping so many people around the world. Read on to see what these strong people would have wanted to hear after miscarrying and the things that they absolutely didn't, and remember: just telling someone you're there for them and offering your listening ear can be so powerful.