Mom Creates "Rainbow Dad" Shirts Because Men Feel the Pain Just as Much

Bryn Huntpalmer
Bryn Huntpalmer

Bryn Huntpalmer is more than familiar with just how beautiful pregnancy and childbirth can be. But with her podcast, The Birth Hour, this mom of two doesn't just spread an array of happy stories to empower parents — she also shares the tragedies.

However, after suffering her own miscarriage, Bryn saw another side to these hard stories. She learned that there was a community of women who had endured the same pain and an array of products for moms to honor their rainbow babies after getting pregnant again. But she quickly realized that the same support systems weren't available for her husband as he grieved their loss.

A rainbow baby is a term used to describe a little one conceived after a miscarriage or stillbirth. These babies represent the light that shines even after the darkest of storms and bring incredible joy to both of their parents. This inspired Bryn to create something for the fathers of rainbow babies because she personally knows that they feel the same pain and excitement as moms.

She created "rainbow dad" shirts for men ($28) to celebrate their expanding family while also recognizing their journey to fatherhood. "Through reaching out to dads and hearing how important it is to many fathers to be involved in the pregnancy and birth of their child, I've become more and more aware of how often dads are left out of the conversation and with pregnancy loss maybe even more so," Bryn told POPSUGAR.

Bryn hopes that these shirts serve as a sweet gift to dads of rainbow babies and are something that they will wear proudly. "Dads are affected by a pregnancy loss too and often they suffer silently as they are the ones charged with the job of helping the mom through her grief," Bryn said. "I know rainbow moms are so grateful for the support of their partners and want them to be recognized for everything they do as well as for what they have lost."

Since there are so many different ways to honor moms of rainbow babies, Bryn just wants dads to know that they are seen too. "I also designed a kid version of the tee so that dads can match their rainbow kiddo as well since there are so many mom-and-me matching outfits and again, not much for dads," she said.