Send Out Holiday Cards to the Entire Extended Family With These Inexpensive Sites

Looking for the best place to order holiday cards online at inexpensive prices? These sites will do the trick. Even if you've got tons of friends and family to update, you don't have to break the bank to send them all a holiday hello. We've found the most affordable places to order your holiday cards, and, of course, not only are these cards all reasonably priced, but they are also quickly and easily customizable. Now all you need to do is select the perfect photos to go with them. (And we promise, we won't judge if they don't go out until January 2).

  1. Canva
    The site is well-known platform for creating and customizing just about anything, so why not holiday cards? Canva has a variety of templates that are 100 percent customizable. From there, you can either download the template for a fee and print your cards yourself, or order 50 of them to be printed and shipped to your home for $0.54 each.
  2. Photo Affections
    With a batch of 50 cards only costing you $1.18 each, Photo Affections is a great low-price option with customizable templates in various shapes. Plus, Photo Affections offers price discounts for every 25 cards you order.
  3. Pear Tree
    Not only is Pear Tree reasonably priced — $1.51 apiece for 56 cards — but they also offer unique templates. If you're looking for some flair, check out their booklet, trifold, and cube cards; all with customizable fonts, colors, and patterns.
  4. Cardsdirect
    These budget-friendly cards start at $1.71 for 50. And Cardsdirect has a variety of photo and non-photo options available. In addition, they'll ship you a free sample to ensure you are happy with your purchase before you order a whole batch with someone's eyes closed.
  5. Simply to Impress
    The highly-customizable templates at Simply to Impress are nothing short of impressive. You'll find plenty of shape, size, and paper options to choose from. Their cards are reasonably priced (you'll nab 50 for $1.33 each), and they have foil cards available!
  6. Costco
    You already love the giant retailer for their range of delightful foods, but since Costco is a one-stop-shop, of course they also provide a competitive price. Creating your holiday cards with Costco is a breeze with their easy-to-use and easy to customize templates. Their cards come in packs of 50 starting at $13.99, which comes out to $0.28 per card. Plus, envelopes are included!
  7. Vistaprint
    Vistaprint's cards are reasonably priced, often costing $1.06 each for an order of 50 cards. They have several template options available, and the site is known to run frequent sales.
  8. Collage
    Template designs at Collage range from classic to contemporary. Holiday cards are around $0.79 per card for an order of 50, and Collage offers 60 percent discount on your first order.
  9. Mixbook
    The bright colors and fun sayings of Mixbook bring all the charm, like our personal favorite — "Fa-la-la-llama." Cards will usually run you $1.96 for 50, and you can get 50 percent off of your first order.
  10. Walmart
    Where the procrastinators at? Walmart should be your go-to because they offer one-hour pick up on holiday cards for as low as $0.40 apiece for an order of 40!
  11. Basic Invite
    Basic Invite sells holiday cards with simple and sweet designs, that price around $2.00 a card for a set of 50. They also provide over 180 color choices and foil options, too.
  12. Walgreens
    Tried-and-true Walgreens provides customers with easy to use templates. Their cards start at the low price of $0.99 each, for a set of 60. Plus, you can order online and ship to your home or pick up in a store near you.