Why You Should Have More Than 1 Child If You Can Help It

Growing up with three Greek, in-your-face brothers was, well, loud. There were days I prayed to the Greek gods for some ever-loving privacy, space, and alone time, but it was impossible to find in our house. And looking back at that time now that I'm a mother of two, I'm so glad I was never granted that solitude. If I were an only child, I wouldn't have had the constant playmates, protectors, and encouragers I've had in my corner my whole life. What's my point? Well, if it's in your control, you should have more than one child. Trust me, it's worth it.

You'll never, ever regret giving your son or daughter a lifelong playmate, supporter, and friend.

Now, I understand that some people want to have several children but are unable to have any. Infertility isn't something I take lightly, as I've seen friends endure heartache to last a lifetime when they've miscarried or had a failed IVF treatment. There are also so many factors to taken into account when starting, or deciding to stop adding to, a family. I get that. But if you're still in the baby-making phase of your life and contemplating whether you should add one more to the mix, you absolutely should. Both you and your children will only benefit from it.

Despite our constant arguing and roughhousing, my brothers and I loved each other — hard. We played soccer, basketball, baseball, and other games together on a daily basis. We were also able to share in all of our quirky family traditions together, and now that we're adults, we get to pass them down to our own kids. Yes, we fought a lot, but that taught us how to problem solve and resolve conflicts without constantly running up the stairs to tattle to Mom or Dad. And now that we're older, that tight bond from childhood has only gotten stronger. We're a family unit with my parents, and we're a sibling unit outside of them.

My parents are also getting older. So when one of them is struggling, my brothers never hesitate to jump on a plane to help out. They are there for my parents and me as their only sister. And when the unfortunate day comes when our parents are no longer with us, we'll still have each other. If I were an only child, I wouldn't have their chests to cry into. I wouldn't have anyone else to share childhood stories with. I would be alone, and I'm forever grateful that I'm not.

I got started in this motherhood game a little too late. I'm also just not brave enough to have more than two. But I do wish I would have started having children earlier so that I could have had the endurance to have three or more. Loud, chaotic homes are often filled with an abundance of love, funny stories, and happy memories. So if you're unable to have more than one child, these words aren't meant to pierce your heart. But if you are thinking of having an only child, this is why you shouldn't. You'll never, ever regret giving your son or daughter a lifelong playmate, supporter, and friend.

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