15 Reasons Why Moms of Threenagers Are Serious Badasses

There are difficult stages of parenting that moms and dads have to get through and though the terrible twos and preteen years are well-known challenges, it's the parents of threenagers who are often pushed to their limits . . . daily.

These parents have their patience constantly tested while still managing to save the day from "serious" problems, avoid meltdowns, and function on limited sleep. All in one day the parents of threenagers are mind readers, crisis negotiators, physical jungle gyms, and damage controllers, which make them serious heroes without capes.

Every parent who has ever dealt with a difficult 3-year-old knows that these 15 reasons are why moms of toddlers are a badass group.


You know EXACTLY how these picky eaters like their food cooked, cut, and presented.


You pretty much deal with crisis negotiation daily.


You are constantly cleaning up after mini tornados.


You transport your family safely despite the ultimate backseat distractions.


You're subjected to pint-size sass and some serious attitude.


You let them "help" even though it will make more work for you.


Your hard work is repeatedly destroyed in a matter of seconds — and yet you never give up.


You deal with public meltdowns and serious tantrums.


Only 25 percent of what you say is actually heard.


They have their own agenda and you're just along for the ride.


You're the ultimate mind reader and problem solver — even when nothing is actually wrong.


You survive on a unique mix of coffee and wine.


Your body is the ultimate jungle gym and you can still function with a small human hanging off of you.


You have the power to make them smile like nobody else.