Dear Moms, Can You Please Stop Referring to Your Child as "Kid"?

Dear Moms,

I can't quite figure out how, when, or why it became a thing to call your child "kid" all the time. It seems like everywhere I turn, I hear moms saying things like, "Oh, my kid is home sick" or "I have to take my kid to soccer practice." While it seems to be a trendy thing to do now, can we please, for the love of God, just stop? It's time we show our kids more respect.

I guarantee that you, or you and your partner, spent weeks, even months, thinking and agonizing over the perfect baby name for your beautiful bundle of joy. You likely filtered through hundreds of different options, dreaming of which one would suit your baby's personality best. Would he be a Henry or a Zayn? Would she be a Sarah or an Eloise? There's a story behind that name you chose, so why wouldn't you want to use that?

Let's face it: kid is a generic, informal noun that should be used to describe a child whose name is unknown. Think, "Oh, look at those kids (who are strangers) on the playground." It's so impersonal, and when uttered to describe a mother's own flesh and blood, just sounds as though your child is a nuisance to you. It's practically one step away from using the word brat.

Sure, kid is convenient to say and easy to type, but your child isn't generic. They're special, especially to you, and you should make that known in this small way, even when they're not around to hear it.

A Mom Who Genuinely Wants to Know Your Kids' Names

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