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European Baby Names

40 European Baby Name Ideas From Some of the World's Most Beautiful Places

Pastries. Crepes. Ancient cities. High fashion. Castles. Folklore. When it comes to certain things, even we have to admit — Europe just does it better. And with options like Aine, Kilian, and Leonie, baby name inspiration ranks very high on that list. Whether you're honoring your familial heritage or just looking for something less likely to require a last initial in elementary school roll call, these 40 European names are worth importing to the US — and into your family.

Girl Names

  1. Aine
  2. Lotte
  3. Marta
  4. Amelie
  5. Giulia
  6. Gisele
  7. Katya
  8. Odile
  9. Zosia
  10. Alba
  11. Camila
  12. Lucia
  13. Helle
  14. Leonie
  15. Ines
  16. Clara
  17. Fleur
  18. Chiara
  19. Linnea
  20. Sanne

Boy Names

  1. Florian
  2. Milan
  3. Hans
  4. Soren
  5. Alfie
  6. Mikael
  7. Alvaro
  8. Jorgen
  9. Matias
  10. Enzo
  11. Kilian
  12. Felix
  13. Cian
  14. Luca
  15. Ruben
  16. Sergio
  17. Elias
  18. Lars
  19. Aleksi
  20. Matteo
Image Source: Stocksnap / Freestock
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