This Pic of William H. Macy Dancing With His Daughter Before Prom Is Making People SO Emotional

You may want to grab a box of Kleenex, because William H. Macy's latest parenting moment is sure to leave you a bit teary-eyed. The Shameless actor shared a dance with one of his teenage daughters after she tried on her Cinderella-esque prom dress, and wife Felicity Huffman was there to capture the touching interaction on camera. "The girl tried on her prom dress. The dad took her for a spin," Felicity captioned the sweet photo while posting it on social media.

In the photo, the father-daughter duo embrace in what appears to be their living room, as William dons a plaid ensemble and his daughter wears a frilly, light-blue gown. You can practically hear the 68-year-old dad's inner thoughts just by looking at his facial expression in the snap, as he was likely thinking something along the lines of "Sheesh, where did the time go?" or "Dang, I can't believe my baby girl is already going to prom."

When Felicity shared the precious picture on Instagram, it was flooded with comments about "adorable" and "beautiful" the moment was. "Water is coming out of my eyes. Darn allergies.. Seriously, I love that William's face is showing so much emotion. Lovely," one user wrote. And the picture got a similar reaction when Felicity posted it on her Twitter page, as both her Desperate Housewives costars and total strangers replied to the tweet sharing how emotional it made them feel. William definitely sucker-punched us right in the feels with this one.


— Madeleine Blom (@sugarblom) April 24, 2018

so sweet ❤️ Makes me miss my dad

— Call Me Shirley (@JulieLWade) April 24, 2018