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Disney's New Zenimation Series Is Now on Disney Plus

Disney+'s New Zenimation Series Reminds Us All to Take a Breather and Relax

Let's be honest: parents and little ones alike could all use a moment to destress and relax these days, and Disney's new short-form series, Zenimation, is here to help you disconnect for a few minutes every day. Walt Disney Animation Studios's new short-form series is now available to stream on Disney+, and each of the 10 episodes are only about seven minutes long.

Zenimation features scenes from your family's favorite Disney animations, including Frozen, Moana, and The Lion King, but without the familiar dialogue and music. Individual vignettes are pieced together with unique sounds and visuals to create an ASMR-esque experience for the whole family. In the first episode, "Water," you'll see the contrast between the waters in Moana, The Little Mermaid, and Frozen 2. Check out the calming series on Disney+ today, and get ready to unwind with the kids.

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