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Fashion Week Fall 2015 Detail Pictures

You Won't Believe What the Clothes at Fashion Week Look Like Up Close

Fashion Week Fall 2015 Detail Pictures

Fashion Week can be a bit of a blur. When every designer is sending down dozens of models and there are hundreds of designers . . . Well, you don't have to do the math to know there are a lot of looks to sift through in a very short amount of time. So instead of scrolling through a dizzying medley of full-length photos, we'd like you to take a moment to focus in on the details. From plush fabrics to beaded embroidery, from bold prints to handcrafted hemlines, these are the images that truly show the magic that's made on the runway.

So go ahead and look through our zoom lens of all the major shows, from New York to Paris. We promise you it'll be worth it.

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