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The Parent Trap Style Pictures

20 Stylish Moments From The Parent Trap That Will Give You Major Nostalgia

The Parent Trap Style Pictures
Image Source: Everett Collection

I need more than all of my fingers and toes to count how many times I've watched the 1998 version of the movie The Parent Trap. What can I say: Lindsay Lohan was totally adorable, and she won fashion girls over by playing twins with totally disparate styles. One moment she was Annie, a sophisticated English girl in a tartan suit, and the next she was Hallie, cool as hell in a denim jacket with a metallic blue manicure.

Yes, if you couldn't tell, part of our obsession with The Parent Trap comes from the impeccable styling, which can be attributed to costume designer Penny Rose. When you read on, you'll find our 20 favorite moments from the film, all of which just might make you say, "Honey, you never looked better."

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