Alexa Chung Reveals the Trend She Tried – and Failed – to Start

Alexa Chung may be an OG style star, but even those that top our best dressed list have outfits they regret once wearing. Alexa joined Man Repeller's Leandra Medine on her podcast, Oh Boy, to discuss her thoughts on Winter style and her favorite fashion trend right now (spaghetti straps), along with the one outfit Alexa looks back on not so fondly.

Leandra admitted to once having a folder on her computer desktop labeled "Alexa Chung Outfits" (didn't we all) and reminisced specifically about one outfit from 2010 that involved a Chanel wicker basket and a pair of cycling shorts. Alexa not only remembered the exact ensemble, but she also had some choice words about it.

"When I first started doing television in England, I think other countries didn't necessarily know I was on TV and they just thought I was someone that wore outfits, which was fine and nice. And then I started getting invited to fashion shows and it seemed like I could do no wrong in terms of what I was wearing. So I got really, like, bigheaded and thought, you know what, I can start trends. This can happen. So then I started experimenting a bit more and the cycling shorts was the moment I realized that's not what was going on at all."

Listen to the entire podcast below, or fast forward to the 12-minute mark to hear all about the outfit in question, then check it out below.