The Entire Internet Has Something to Say About Balenciaga's Interesting New Sneakers

Sneakers have spent some well-deserved time in the spotlight this year, but one particular pair is hogging all the attention for the time being. On Sept. 21, Balenciaga is releasing its "Triple S" line of trainers, a collection of mesh and leather shoes with a notably bulky sole. Though the clunky kicks are technically not available for purchase yet, they're already getting some mixed reactions from sneakerheads everywhere. Some say they'd totally wear these '90s-Sketchers-esque shoes while others have suggested that their intentionally dirty-looking exterior makes them look fresh out of the "lost and found" bin at school.

It seems like everyone on the internet has something to say about these polarizing shoes, which ring up at a whopping $795, so we've gathered the most entertaining reactions from all over Twitter. How do you feel about the "Triple S" kicks? Are they the next big sneaker trend we'll be seeing everywhere or just downright "dad sneakers" that belong on a dusty garage shelf?