No One Else in the World Has Bella Hadid's Shoes — of That, We're Sure

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Fashion Week is a time for the supermodels to flaunt their best street style outfits, not just runway clothes. When they're running from shows to fittings to meetings, that's when they really shine. Being that Bella and Gigi Hadid own more customized pieces than we can count, we weren't surprised to find that some of them made it to New York. But Bella Hadid's Off-White Nikes from "The Ten" collection (which won't be officially available to the public until November) might just be our favorite personalized look yet.

Bella took a marker to the covetable footwear and wrote "HADID" on the soles of her shoes. So even when they are up for grabs, no one in the world will have an identical pair. Isn't that neat? Bella met her sneakers with slashed denim, a strappy tunic from Cult Gaia, a red newsboy cap, a Chanel choker, and a traffic-stopping yellow belt, also from Off-White. Ahead, zoom in on the details of her ensemble and see the exact high-tops she branded, then shop similar Nikes and DIY Bella's style move yourself.

Bella's Exact Off-White x Nike Sneakers
Courtesy of Nike

Bella's Exact Off-White x Nike Sneakers

"The Ten" collection will be available in November 2017.