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Best Boots For Your Style Mood

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New year, new style vibe! We've partnered with Hush Puppies to help you discover the perfect shoes to brighten up your 2020 aesthetic.

People say dress for the job you want. We say dress for the mood you want. As we head into a new year, we're excited to let our state of mind dictate our style choices. Whether you are always looking on the bright side of life or want to give off calm vibes, there's a standout accessory to help you look the part. Take our quiz ahead to discover the pair of comfy, versatile shoes that match your mood. Whatever type of way you're feeling, these shoes will add a pop to your personal style and ensure you (quite literally) kick off 2020 on a stylish step.

Which beauty look would you rock?

Pick an accessory:

Which floral arrangement would you display in your home?

Which place do you dream of visiting in the new year?

Which photo would you post on Instagram?

Pick your spirit animal:

How would you spend a free afternoon?