These Dreamy Fashion Instagrams Will Bring a Smile to Your Face When You Need It the Most

While I haven't made the switch from sweatpants to "real" clothes just yet, I have found myself scrolling through Instagram and daydreaming about things I can't wait to wear (and do) when all of this comes to an end. While the future of so many of our favorite designers, especially small brands, is unknown due to the coronavirus pandemic, they need our support now more than ever. Even if you can't buy anything, you can still support them in other ways, like showing a little love on social media.

Lately, there's something about seeing these designers put out dreamy imagery of pieces they're proud of that just hits different — and it has sparked joy in me. A few such examples? Milan-based brand Les Petits Joueurs, which has an array of gorgeous, crystal-embellished bags and heels that have a fun, nostalgic feel to them. Watching Jacquemus's video of the brand's little mini Chiquito bags singing Adele's "Someone Like You" made me LOL, and Entireworld's video of models hugging it out hit home for me. Keep reading to see 10 things I added to my Instagram saved folder this past month that have brought a smile to my face when I've needed it the most.

Les Petits Joueurs

The Milan-based brand is constantly dreaming up designs that make me want to get up and dance, like these crystal-embellished pouches.


What's better than one Jacquemus Chiquito bag? A bunch of them singing Adele's "Someone Like You." How can you not giggle while watching this video?


Right now, I find myself being drawn to jewelry that reminds me of my childhood like Wald's daisy pearl necklace. The jewelry brand, which is based in Berlin, has an array of cheerful baubles including earrings with little smiley faces on them.


I've been obsessed with Entireworld because of its sustainable, affordable sweatpants and T-shirts. This video of two people hugging with the caption "Who needs a hug?" just hit home for me.

Rezek Studio

Rezek Studio is an LA-based brand that creates colorful, disco-inspired pieces like these bucket hats. After seeing this photo, you better believe I'll be wearing all my favorite hats indoors when I feel like dressing up at home.

Susan Alexandra

In case you didn't know, Susan Alexandra is an NYC-based brand that creates whimsical beaded bags and jewelry like these adorable basketball pearl earrings. It's a fun little way to show off your sporty side, even if you don't play basketball.

Mirror Palais

Mirror Palais is a small NYC-based brand that is full of silk crop tops and colorful swimsuits. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more people making use of their favorite swimsuits while lounging indoors this season.

Simon Miller

The colors! The shapes! Everything about this photo made me smile. Plus, Simon Miller is a sustainable brand that conserves water during production by using organic mills and ozone technology.

Sandra Mansour

Sandra Mansour is a Lebanon-based brand that creates gorgeous dresses. While I don't have a reason to wear any of my favorite going-out dresses at the moment, this picture inspired me to dress up while I do chores at home, because why not?


Sustainable underwear brand Parade's Dreaming of Summer campaign has me doing just that. The gorgeous imagery looks like it's straight out of a '90s pool party.