The Best Trends of the Decade, According to Our Editors

POPSUGAR Photography | Hannah Weil McKinley
POPSUGAR Photography | Hannah Weil McKinley

A deep dive through our editors' Instagram feeds proved that while the filters from 2011 haven't aged well, some of the trends we've worn have actually held up. That's the thing about fashion: even while it gives us newness, trends are cyclical, and what was cool at the start of the decade is suddenly en vogue again. In fact, from 2010 to 2019, we've ushered in plenty of looks that we'll continue to wear right into 2020. From jumpsuits to high-waisted pants and puffy sleeves, we've combed through our very own archives to give you the best trends of the decade. These are the pieces that shaped our personal style and changed the way we dress — for the better.

Inside, relive our favorite pieces — some of which, we're wearing right now — as we prepare to welcome a new era.

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"My style has evolved a lot since I started working in fashion, partly because when you're still finding your style and what works best for you, you experiment a lot (some worked, some did NOT!). The trends that have shaped my style are definitely more classic evergreen trends. I love a tailored blazer and wear one often over dresses, denim etc. To me, they can still be trendy and reinvented in new colors and fabrics like leather, tweed, or velvet. There are also great vintage blazer finds from heritage brands." — Dana Avidan Cohn, executive style director


"I've always liked the idea of no-fuss dressing, but enter the jumpsuit, and it felt like my whole life changed. I love how put-together I can appear (appear being the operative word) and how easy it makes work-to-weekend dressing, dressing up for events, and beyond. Honestly, can you even remember what life was like without them?" — Hannah Weil Mckinley, Fashion + Shop director

Coordinating Sets

"Throughout the past decade, the one trend I've stayed true to is co-ord sets. It's odd; I'm actually a pretty playful dresser and I like to mix and match, but this just may be proof that comfort and ease are truly what women look for when getting dressed in the morning. Here I am wearing one with friends in 2014 (back in college), but these are also a throwback to my youth — my mom used to dress my sister and I in co-ords when we were growing up. My modern look is definitely funky. I throw on extra accessories to break up the set, but I'll forever love how polished a co-ord makes me look. Throughout the past decade, you could find co-ord sets at basically any retailer, and I've loved collecting them — in denim, in the form of a blue corduroy skirt suit from H&M, in breezy beach separates I wore to (surprise!) get engaged, and the list goes on." — Sarah Wasilak, Fashion editor


"Tie-dye definitely shaped my style this decade. I discovered it back when I was in middle school but rediscovered it in 2018. It's been more than a year and I'm still rocking it nonstop, even through the Winter. I love that it's very wearable depending on the shades and has a relaxed feel to it, which is right up my alley." — Nikita Ramsinghani, associate Fashion editor


"2018 was the year I really leaned into the tailoring look that tends to surface on designer runways each season. Whether I'm topping off jeans, sharpening up a dress, or trying to make loungewear look a little more presentable, I live for a structured blazer in muted tones, luxe fabrics, and heritage checks. My favorite way to shop for them? Thrift stores!" — Laura Lajiness, senior Fashion editor

High-Waisted Everything
POPSUGAR Photography | Rebecca Brown

High-Waisted Everything

"I know below-the-belly is on its way back, but I'm savoring every moment of this fabulous trend while I can. I discovered this trend while living in New York maybe seven or eight years ago and it gave me the confidence to dabble in crop tops. I was no longer forced to consider showing my entire stomach but just a little upper-rib. And I can handle that! I favor high-waisted silk shorts in the Summer months, and trousers in the Winter." — Rebecca Brown, Family editor

Cropped Wide-Leg Pants

"I remember when culottes were big in 2015, and while I consider those a trend of the past, they did pave the way for a more structured iteration in 2016 that I'm still just as obsessed with today: cropped, high-waisted, wide-leg pants. These days, cropped, wide-leg pants come in all sorts of textures, from denim to chino to linen, and have become a part of my signature everyday style — I don't think I go a week without wearing one of my many pairs. The clean, tailored fit feels like a step up from basic jeans while still giving me that effortless vibe. And the cropped length is perfect for showing off my shoes. These pants have become more of a classic piece than a trendy item now, and I foresee them outlasting many more trends to come." — Stephanie Nguyen, Style native editor

Graphic Tees

"I remember when graphic tees started having a big moment about five years ago — Louis Vuitton gave the look new life with its Fall 2015 runway show. I wanted to get in on the action for a music festival and bought this one with (of course) a Beyoncé quote. My friend Kelsey — also a POPSUGAR editor — was wearing one too, so clearly it was a thing. The way I would style this piece now would be much different; I'd wear it with a satin midi skirt or under a blazer. It's fun to look back and see how my style has evolved." — Macy Cate Williams, Shop editor


"Midi dresses and skirts became a staple in my wardrobe around 2014, and I've never looked back. Whether printed, solid, textured, or embellished, it's the silhouette I'm always drawn to for casual and dressy looks alike." — LL

Swimsuits as Bodysuits

"I would say I first discovered the trend in Summer camp around the time I graduated high school. It was the easiest 'top' to wear with denim skirts on a Summer day or when I had already worn all my crop tops (who wants to repeat an outfit — jeez!). It wasn't long before I was wearing them to work, over turtlenecks in the Winter. I never stow away my swimsuits when the season turns — here's to a decade of that!" — SW

Over-the-Knee Boots

"I bought my first ever pair of over-the-knee boots from Zara in 2013. It was the first time I wore shoes that weren't booties or sneakers and they made me feel like a total adult at my first full-time job. I rocked them with minidresses and skirts daily and would even wear them with jeans and crop top on a night out. I have to admit, I still have them in my closet. They've surprisingly lasted several seasons, but I'm also a little attached to them and can't imagine getting rid of them anytime soon." — Krista Jones, associate Shop editor

Slip Dresses

"The whole '90s resurgence really got to me, in a good way. And, while there are many pieces from that era I'm happy to see are back (as if you couldn't tell from this photo), slip dresses are at the top of my list. They're equally as elegant as they are cool, and they can be layered up or worn totally just as they are. What's not to love, am I right?" — HWM

Puffy Sleeves

"While my style is simple, I love a puff sleeve. I really went for this look in 2019 (especially during NYFW) from my version of an LBD with bold shoulders to an animal-print sweater from Ulla Johnson and even this affordable top from our very own POPSUGAR at Kohl's Collection." — LL