Hot Pink Heels Are the Unexpected Shoes Your Holiday Wardrobe Needs — and We Have Proof

Banana Republic
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Forget green, red, and all things sparkly; this holiday season, why don't you try thinking out of the box? Dressing festive isn't restricted to a specific color scheme, but a strategic choice in fabrics and finishes can give you that touch of glam that any great party look needs. This year — thanks to some help from our favorite Instagram fashion girls — we've got our eyes on hot pink heels in particular.

Although you might normally see this type of shoe as something ultragirly or made for a night out in Miami, it really comes to down to how you style them. Maybe it's pairing them with a sparkly dress on New Year's Eve, a fuzzy sweater and jeans for more casual plans, or even a satin slip dress if you're feeling extra trendy. The choice is yours, and the options never end.

Intrigued by the idea but need to see it in practice? We've got you. First, pick up this stylish pair that totally nails the look from Banana Republic. Then keep scrolling to see how influencers and celebrities are wearing hot pink heels for Winter and beyond.

How to Style Them