The Best Strapless Bras Backed by Our Editors

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Strapless bras are a must have for many women's wardrobe. Whether you're wearing tube tops, halter dresses, or off-the-shoulder tops, you will likely need at least one strapless bra you can rely on for all your dressing needs. A strapless bra is an essential that can truly make or break your look, from a casual outfit to something more formal like a wedding-guest dress. A well-fitting strapless bra can provide the support and comfort you need while ensuring a seamless and flattering look, and we know how hard that is to find. That's why we did a ton of research for you and found the best strapless bras on the market. We even asked our editors what their go-to strapless bras are so you can shop options that are vouched for already.

No matter your size and preferences, we found the ideal strapless bra for your needs. Whether you're small-chested or have a larger bust, we found supportive options that flatter your shape and size so you won't deal with awkward gaps or excess spillage. These strapless bras are made to flatter your body with a subtle lift and shaping while delivering adequate support and nonslip, all-day wear. We also made sure to prioritize comfort with fabrics that are soft and breathable while maintaining a smoothing effect, bands that are extra cushioned, and cups that are seamless.

Ahead, we curated a list of our favorite choices that will fit just right and stay put, including strapless bras for larger breasts and smaller chests alike, our favorite push-up strapless bra, a plus-size option that comes in a ton of sizes, and even one that's backless and strapless. Keep reading to shop our top picks ahead.

Additional reporting by Macy Cate Williams

Best Strapless Bra For Large Breasts

Best Strapless Bra For Large Breasts

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra ($58-$76)

Featuring lightly padded underwire cups, the editor-backed Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra is one of the most supportive strapless bras, especially for those with larger busts. It provides more of a fuller coverage and a secure fit, so you feel supported all day and night long. The bra also has a silicone strip lining along the cups and the top and bottom edges of the bra's band, providing extra grip support so that it won't slide down. The detachable straps are great for creating halter, crisscross, traditional, and one-shoulder styles.

It comes in sizing ranging from 30 to 44 band size and B to H cup size. It's available in five neutral colors.

Editor Quote: "From the flattering foam cups and cushioned bottom band, which provides an extra layer of support, to the silicone strip lining, which helps to keep the style in place and prevents it from slipping down (even during the hottest days when you might feel sweat-prone and sticky), the strapless bra ticks every single box with regard to functionality, and it's supremely comfortable, too. For context: this Wacoal bra feels so lightweight and supportive while on, it's literally replaced every other traditional bra in my intimates drawer." — Kyley Warren, assistant editor, commerce

Check out her in-depth review of the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra to read more about her experience with this bra.

Best Strapless Bra For Small Chests

Best Strapless Bra For Small Chests

Pepper MVP Multiway Strapless Bra ($65)

If you're small-chested, consider getting the Pepper MVP Multiway Strapless Bra. The brand specifically designs bras for those with smaller breasts, including a wide range of extra sizes, so you can get both comfort and a perfect fit. In fact, the brand even solves the issue of an open gap with lightly lined cups that are shallow, so you'll be able to actually fill it out. This bra comes with adjustable straps for multi-way styling, and it has a silicone nonslip strip so it stays put all day long.

It comes in AA, A, and B cup sizes ranging from 30 to 40 band size. The bra comes in four neutral shades as well.

Editor Quote: "It has a thicker band that can tightly fit to your body, without being so compressing that it leaves a mark and while doing a good job of staying put. The cups are made smaller but smooth, so I can easily fill them out, and it even gives the right amount of cleavage on the top. I can wear it under tanks, sweaters, T-shirts, or pretty much anything. It feels so comfortable, I don't even realize I'm wearing a strapless bra sometimes, making it a real winner." — Krista Jones, former editor, Commerce

Read more about the design and fit of this bra in her review of the Pepper MVP Multiway Strapless Bra.

Best Strapless Bra For Support

Best Strapless Bra For Support

ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra ($72)

ThirdLove's 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra is one of the most supportive strapless bras on the market with a size range that can be an ideal fit for so many people. Its foam cups aren't thick and heavy, providing moderate coverage and diminishing spillage. The bra provides a natural lift and shape with a flexible underwire that won't poke you. It has a silicone grip on the inside of the bra at the top and bottom perimeter, ensuring the bra stays put for a long time. It also comes with straps for versatile styling and wear.

The band sizes range from 32 to 44 and the cup sizes range from AA to H, including half sizes. It's available in nude and black.

Editor Quote: "The fit is secure and comfortable, and true to the name, it actually stays in place for as long as I choose to wear it. What I like most is that it doesn't stick to my skin even when I sweat, which is probably because of the smooth band and silicone running along the edges. The cups feel soft and supportive, and they will frame your bust nicely." — Shelcy Joseph, former associate editor, fashion

For more information, check out her review of the ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra here.

Best Plus Size Strapless Bra

Best Plus Size Strapless Bra

Curvy Couture Smooth Strapless Multi-Way Bra ($62)

The Curvy Couture Smooth Strapless Multi-Way Bra is specifically designed for plus sizes, with an expansive size range ensuring a perfect fit. This bra has smooth microfiber cups that provide a slight push up for a flattering shape. It's also got a silicone lining that helps prevent the bra from sliding down. This strapless bra is highly supportive and keeps everything in place with a seamless appearance that extends to the back. It also comes with four straps (one same-color pair and one clear pair) that you can style in a variety of ways, like halter, center halter, cross-front, or one-strap.

It comes in 34 to 44 band sizes and D to H cup size, and in three colors.

Editor Quote: "This is the only strapless bra I have ever liked. It has a great range of sizes, perfect for any full bust or plus-size bra wearers. I have worn it for hours to weddings and felt no pain or digging in, and it actually stays up. But I did learn one pro tip about putting on strapless bras that, like this one, come with straps. Put it on first with the straps on so the placing is right, and then remove the straps (you will probably need someone to help you). That ensures you're getting all the lift you want and need." — Victoria Edel, staff writer, movies & TV

Best Push-Up Strapless Bra

Best Push-Up Strapless Bra

Victoria's Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Strapless Push-Up Bra ($37)

The Pink Wear Everywhere Strapless Push-Up Bra is an editor-loved pick for those who want something supportive with a flattering push-up effect. Featuring structured, underwire cups and strategically placed padding, this bra will give you the most natural lift. It has a silicone grip strip on the bottom and top of the bra, so it stays in place. It comes with fully adjustable straps as well for your styling needs.

It's available in band sizes 32 to 40 and cup sizes A to DD, and in five neutral shades.

Editor Quote: "I've had my Victoria's Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Strapless Push-Up Bra for about a decade. It's seen me through many milestones. No joke: I wore it both for my college graduation and on the day I got engaged. It checks every box that a strapless should. It stays in place, is easily concealed under a variety of necklines, and doesn't pinch like some underwire bras." — Jessica Harrington, senior editor, beauty

Best Lightly Lined Strapless Bra

Best Lightly Lined Strapless Bra

Victoria's Secret Sexy Illusions Lightly-Lined Strapless Bra ($24, originally $50)

Looking for something lightly lined, yet still supportive? The Victoria's Secret Sexy Illusions Lightly-Lined Strapless Bra is a comfortable option that is made to deliver a smoothing effective. The cups conform to your natural curves, and the underwire delivers slight lift for a flattering, polished look. Featuring nonslip cups and band, this bra will stay in place no matter how much you move. It comes with adjustable straps as well for all your styling needs.

Get it in band sizes ranging from 32 to 42 and cup sizes A to DDD. It comes in five neutral colors.

Editor Quote: "As a 32DD, I prefer bras that are lightly lined so that I feel supported and covered without adding more mass to my chest with thick padding. This strapless bra from Victoria's Secret solves so many of my strapless-bra woes. For starters, the cups have a smoothing effect that makes it look like I'm braless, plus the cups don't curl up either. The cup and bands are lined with a no-slip coating that actually keeps everything in place, which I really appreciate because most bra bands tend to slip down on my back. But what I appreciate the most about this bra is that the center (where the V-hardware is) is not chunky. I can wear this bra with tops and dresses with keyhole cutouts without worrying it's going to show underneath." — Anvita Reddy, assistant editor, commerce

Best Strapless Bra For Comfort

Best Strapless Bra For Comfort

Natori Adapt Underwire Strapless Bandeau Bra ($38-$46, originally $58)

The Natori Adapt Underwire Strapless Bandeau Bra is ideal for those who want the comfort of a bandeau, but the support of a traditional bra. Its sweetheart silhouette works with a wide range of necklines, and its nylon-blend fabric offers a smoothing effect. The molded bandeau bra adds a flattering shape to your bust as well. The band has a floral lace detailing for a breathable feel. It has adjustable straps, too.

It comes in black and tan, with sizing ranging from 32 to 38 band and B to DDD cups.

Editor Quote: "I'm all about comfort when it comes to bras, so finding a strapless bra I actually liked was kind of tricky — until I found this one from Natori at Nordstrom. The Adapt Underwire Strapless Bandeau Bra is surprisingly supportive for a bra that feels like a bandeau. It stays up, is lightly lined, and doesn't dig into my armpits or sides — so if anyone is looking for a comfier strapless bra, this may be the one." — Alida Araica, manager, marketing & distribution

Best Backless Strapless Bra

Best Backless Strapless Bra

Niidor Adhesive Bra ($25, originally $28)

Looking for something that's backless and strapless? This Niidor Adhesive Bra is the No. 1 bestseller on Amazon. It's a sticky, silicone-based bra that stays put for hours on end, until you peel it off. There's a clasp at the front that delivers support and a push-up effect. Plus, it's reusable. It comes with nipple covers as well.

Best Strapless Bandeau

Best Strapless Bandeau

Skims Fits Everybody Bandeau ($28)

If you're looking for something breathable and lightweight, you can't go wrong with the Skims Fits Everybody Bandeau. It's made from a buttery-soft fabric that is flexible and stretchy for a supportive feel that's actually comfortable. It delivers a seamless look with a subtle lift as well, so you can wear it on its own or underneath cute tops. It comes in an array neutral and nude colors, in sizes ranging from XXS to 4X.