Going Braless Might Just Be Summer's Biggest Trend

Summer style is often associated with a looser interpretation of the public dress code, meaning bikini bottoms, playsuits, and more are fair game. This year, we noticed some ladies losing another layer, namely, their underwear. Whether the trend was born of a reaction to the soaring temperatures, a desire to appear edgier, or just a personal preference is unclear. A major street style development — less about the clothes and more, well, about what women are not wearing — took the fashion world by storm.

The au naturel look is a pretty common occurrence in the model world and certainly in the fashion crowd, but with more women taking on the trend day to day, it begs the question: would you do it, too? Scroll to see how the braless trend is taking over, and then let us know what you think.

Le 21ème | Adam Katz Sinding

Sometimes it's just a matter of not finding the right bra — in this case a cutout, halter-style dress doesn't leave many options for your underthings.


A breezy slip dress is even breezier without a bra, right?

Le 21ème | Adam Katz Sinding

Sure, you could wear a bra with a long-sleeved shirt, but she just proved you don't have to.

Le 21ème | Adam Katz Sinding

It's tricky finding a bra to fit with a fitted tank like this, but we'd recommend a good strapless to do the trick.

Le 21ème | Adam Katz Sinding

Even when you can wear a bra, you might just not want to.

Getty | Timur Emek

She channeled the ease of a nightgown, even forgoing her undergarments.

Joy Jacobs Photography

A deep V doesn't always give room to wear a bra — that's the truth.