Crocs Are the Best Summer Shoe, Don't @ Me

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Ah, Crocs. You know them well and probably made fun of your dad for wearing them at one point in time — that is, until those vented foam-resin clogs became trendy. Just like a TikTok video reposted to Instagram, this is not new information at all. Whispers of Crocs becoming either ironically or unironically cool have been swirling in the fashion community for years — designers like Christopher Kane and Balenciaga's Demna Gvasalia were in on it as early as 2016 and 2017, respectively, when they each collaborated with the brand to create iterations of their own. But like the person seeing the aforementioned TikTok for the first time on Instagram, I was admittedly late to the game.

Like many of us, I was extremely online throughout the pandemic, and the lack of new Succession episodes had me tapping through Nicholas Braun's IG Stories almost daily. The missives from Cousin Greg himself helped fill the void left by the ending of the previous season, and Nicholas's humor combined with his endearing personality (he's just so himself!) took the edge off the work-from-home grind. In one series, Braun debated whether or not Crocs were cool again: Should he buy a pair? What color? To get Jibbitz, or not to get Jibbitz? I immediately G-chatted a friend and asked if Crocs were cool. "I think so?" she responded with slight reticence. "I saw a bunch of cool teenagers wearing them, so I think they're probably cool."

When Nicholas wore Crocs with his suit for the 2020 Emmy Awards, it confirmed all of my questions with a hard yes. Crocs are a lot of things: comfortable, functional, practical, durable . . . and Nicholas just made them chic as hell. I opened my laptop, went straight to the tab containing the platform pair that I was debating purchasing, and hit "add to cart" faster than you could say "Sails out, nails out." I haven't regretted the decision in the slightest since and fully believe that Crocs are the perfect summer shoe.

Crocs are the witty, offhand comment in a conversation that takes everyone by surprise and leaves them laughing.

Aside from being comfortable as hell, I love how breathable Crocs are, merging the ventilation of a sandal with the protection of a closed-toe shoe — the latter of which is a definite must when you live in a city like New York (as I do) and constantly have to dodge mystery puddles on the sidewalk. They're also roomy, but not so roomy that you have to worry about blisters, and their borderline ridiculous silhouette brings an effortless sense of humor to every outfit. Crocs are the witty, offhand comment in a conversation that takes everyone by surprise and leaves them laughing. With a minidress, they make me feel like a Bratz doll or a model in a '90s-era Steve Madden ad. With my tracksuits, biker shorts, or leggings, they give off a cool, chill, "I don't give a f*ck" vibe. I wear them with just about everything or will happily make an excuse to do so. And whenever I see another person wearing Crocs, I assume they're probably pretty cool too.

Perhaps inspired by equal parts comfort and hilarity, Questlove wore a pair of gold Crocs to the 2021 Oscars, establishing his outfit as one of my favorite red carpet looks of all time (along with Nicholas's, obvi). Even labels like Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Loeffler Randall have their own creative takes on the silhouette. (Designer Crocs are the best, most hilarious thing ever.) In a few weeks, my husband and I will be traveling to the Poconos, which calls for a pair of water shoes. I'll absolutely be packing my Crocs. I did not say it was Croc Girl Summer, but I also didn't not say it.

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Nicholas Braun in Crocs