Chris Pine in a Leopard-Print Shirt and Birkenstocks Is My New Religion

A Whole Ass Lewk™ (noun): an outfit so exquisitely pieced together from head to toe, it bears internet-breaking potential.

Locate this phrase in the dictionary, and I can 99.7 percent guarantee you'll see a photo of Chris Pine smirking back at you in his latest #OOTD. The handsome actor effectively clinched his status as the most stylish of the Hollywood Chrises when he stepped out in a leopard-print button-down shirt, jeans, and white Birkenstocks in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The occasion? A casual pitstop at Blue Bottle to scoop up a to-go coffee and bag of coffee beans. Truly every detail of the ensemble is just *chef's kiss* — so much so that I couldn't resist breaking down each facet one by one.

  • The Leopard-Print Shirt: What can I say? The man has his finger on the pulse of must-know fashion trends. I respect it. This top screams, "Hell yeah, I'm confident enough to rock animal print for a low-key coffee run. What of it?"
  • The Black Jeans: They're just tight enough, proving he knows the value of well-fitted denim — and he took the time to subtly roll 'em at the hems. A man after my own heart.
  • The White Birkenstocks: This color was A Choice, and one deliberately made to show Chris's Birks dedication loud and proud. I usually despise when men wear any sort of sandal, but this is the exception.
  • The Hat: Ah yes, the Panama hat — a classic summer staple. Chris's is missing the usual thick band, but it still exudes those aspirational vacay vibes. Oh, the things I'd do for Chris to whisk me away on a tropical getaway with that same cream-colored hat in tow.
  • The Accessories: I love a man who knows how to accessorize. The silver bracelet! The gold watch! The gold pendant necklace! He's serving up some serious mixed-metal realness. The finishing touches? A black face mask that doesn't distract from the rest of his outfit, plus gold-rimmed sunglasses to match his chain. Phew!

As soon as photos emerged showing Chris in this trendy getup, it instantly earned a spot at the tippy-top of my summer outfit mood board. It's high time the star finally gets an Instagram so he can fully live up to his fashion-influencer potential by telling me to "tap the link in bio" for all his outfit deets. Until that long-awaited day of his Insta debut arrives, you can join me in getting an all-angles — and I mean all angles, if you're catchin' my drift — look at Chris's glorious animal-print look.