Christian Louboutin Launches the Ultimate Universal Shoe: Nude Flats

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Forget whatever Spring '16 shopping list you've already made — it's about to be seriously altered. Christian Louboutin just introduced a gorgeous flat silhouette into its Nudes collection, a must-have ballet style called the Solasofia. Not only is the shoe perfectly dainty and embellished with a thin little bow, but it also comes in two new colorways, bringing the full range to seven styles and ensuring us there's a shade to match our tone.

And while the leather upper appears to be straightforward, it's actually made from a new matte nappa material that's textured like skin. This will only give off the illusion of longer legs, which is, of course, the purpose of every fashion girl's go-to footwear: the iconic Louboutin shoe. Read on to get a glimpse at all the latest offerings, then find your match and shop away.