How to Make the Cutest Outfits Possible With Your Comfiest Clothes

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Ahh, comfy clothes. These days, they're our best buds. As we learn to adjust to working from home and dressing for ourselves when the bed is in the next room over and sleep is no distant thing, it's important to learn how to feel our best. Sometimes, that doesn't just mean reaching for the softest fabric in our drawer, but constructing an athleisure look around a favorite leggings brand or a hoodie sweat set.

It's hard to imagine that we needed to whip you up a guide to making cozy outfits, right? You're probably thinking, "It's easy, just hand me all the terry cloth and silk that exists in this world and I'm set." But we're breaking down comfy outfits for every occasion, just in case you want to think about picking up essentials for every comfy event in your life, from taking a road trip to Netflix-ing on the couch. Trust us when we say there's a time and place for every tracksuit.

Scroll down to get some instant styling inspo, then allow us to introduce you to some of our new favorite loungewear brands, like Joah Brown, The Upside, Girlfriend Collective, and Year of Ours. You won't be mad that we did.

How to Make Comfy Clothes Look Cute

It's all about the little outfit tweaks you can make to your comfy outfits to make them look more polished. Try going for a totally monochrome moment and tuck in your tee, or style a bright photo shoot around some fruit. If you're going out of the house, sometimes it's just about swinging your favorite casual bag by your side or tying a zip-up around your waist to accentuate your frame — especially when you're wearing an oversize silhouette.

Comfy Clothes For Home

When you're at home, you should be wearing the clothes you're most comfortable in, whether that's an old favorite pair of joggers or your fuzziest socks. Reserve a pair of "indoor" sneakers if you can, solely for doing work around the house so you don't track germs from outside. In order to make your comfy outfit ready for an impromptu photo shoot, be sure to match your basics or keep your color palette streamlined.

Comfy Clothes: Sets

Matching sets have been one of the most popular at-home outfits as of late, with cotton ribbed two-pieces selling out almost instantly as soon as they hit sites. We love the look of them in neutral colorways — they just appear more elevated when complete with some of your everyday gold necklaces or hoops. Opt for a breezier set in long pants, or an adorable knit shorts set. Bonus points if you can find one with a coordinating cardigan and bralette.

Comfy Exercise Clothes

A simple biker short or plain black legging is necessary, along with some high rib socks and a trainer that supports your feet for CrossFit activity. (We recommend going with white or black, so your outfits always match!) You can make a biker short look cute by pulling a "Princess Diana" and completing with a contrasting varsity sweatshirt or school hoodie. This is a moment that's referenced again and again in fashion.

Comfy Clothes to Travel In

Comfy travel basics include your most movable pieces, like leggings and soft hoodies. We count hats — especially beanies — as essential, especially when you're in for a long car ride and not hung up on how your hair looks. Be prepared for bathroom breaks in a flat, functional shoe or boot, and keep things hands free with a favorite crossbody bag — the bigger it is, the more room for your most necessary items that will be easy to grab, like your wallet and keys.

Comfy Clothes For Flying

Depending on where your plane ride takes you, you may need to be prepared for a meeting or an event right after baggage claim. Invest in an oversize wool blazer that's comfy, but allows room for layering underneath and stay away from traveling in a heel. If you need to look sophisticated, a flat leather boot will do, and you can always wear a wax-coated legging or a trouser that doesn't wrinkle when sweats aren't appropriate.

Where to Buy Comfy Clothes

Some of our favorite smaller fashion brands for cozy essentials include Everlane, Joah Brown, Outdoor Voices, The Upside, Girlfriend Collective, Alo Yoga, Year of Ours, Tory Sport, Live the Process, P.E Nation, Spiritual Gangster, Pangaia, and Yummie. Of course, you can always trust your go-to sportswear companies like Champion, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Fila to come through with basics.