8 Ways to Create a Cute Street Style Outfit With Your Slippers

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Wearing your slippers out of the house isn't really a groundbreaking idea. Come on, how many times have you run across the street in yours to grab a coffee, styled with mismatched sweats and a messy bun? We've been there too. But the idea that slippers can and should replace sneakers in a really stylish way? OK, that's kind of groundbreaking. It's one of our favorite Instagram fashion trends du jour, not only because the shearling and faux-fur materials on the footwear are comfortable, but because designers and retailers — such as UGG, Sleeper, Margaux, and Vince — are creating functional pairs, too.

The slippers we're wearing have supportive soles, slingbacks, or double front straps. The best part is, they come in vibrant colorways, making them a must-have accessory that ends up being the focal point of your entire look. None of the outfits we've curated below, from fashion influencers with all different tastes and senses of style, feel lazy. They're totally chic — so chic, in fact, we wouldn't even think of swapping out slippers for boots in any of these scenarios. Scroll down for all the indoor/outdoor inspiration you'll require, and, if you haven't shopped the latest slipper iterations just yet, see which ones we recommend you add to your wardrobe.

How to Style Slippers

Style them with another textured outfit accessory, like a shearling bucket hat.

Wear them with a biker shorts and sports bra set, a cardigan hung over your shoulders.

Coordinate a cute pastel pair with a second pop of color that complements your slippers just right.

Wear them with a printed midi shirtdress and some ornate earrings.

Cap off distressed denim and a moto jacket.

Allow them to finish a coordinated set broken up by a sports bra or crop top.

Wear them with cropped high-waisted trousers and a jumper tucked into the waistband.