15 Stylish New Essentials to Fit Our Lifestyle This Winter

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Rather than trying to wear the fall/winter fashion trends straight off the runway, we're reinterpreting them for the lifestyle we've been adjusting to. That means everything we invest in has a cozy element. Our boots, sweaters, and outerwear are versatile pieces that we can layer over slips or feathered PJ sets. Even though we're still in tune to mood-boosting colors that seem to be taking over our Instagram feeds or popular silhouettes (see: cutout sweater dresses), we're not shopping for anything right now that feels too high-fashion or unwearable.

That's why you're going to love the 15 essentials we've curated ahead. We're offering you advice on how you might wear them when you're lounging around before a Zoom call indoors and how you can style them for walks, outdoor dining, or running errands this winter. From the puffer vest to furry slippers with structured soles that will actually support you on a stroll, you'll definitely want to invest in a few of these basics, if not more. Scroll through to determine what's missing from your wardrobe, and shop some of our favorite versions of these must-have trends to get you through the season in style.


The Feather PJ Pants

Wear them with your pajama set while you're in the house. Dress them up with heels and a long coat when you go out.


The Soft Blazer

Throw it on over your lingerie for a Zoom call (we won't tell). Use it as an extra layering piece when you go out.


The Chain-Link Necklace

Amp up your video-chat style when you're in worn-in sweats. Clip it around a turtleneck for outdoor dining.


The Sweater Dress

Wear it with cozy socks while you're lounging. Use a colorful one to mix prints when you go out.


The Puffer

Throw it over your long-sleeved shirt when you just can't seem to escape the chill indoors. Couple it with a lighter coat to switch up your outerwear.


Furry Slippers

Wear them with kitschy socks in the house. If they've got a supportive sole, trust they'll get you around the block to run a quick errand.


The Eye-Catching Knit Sweater

Take plenty of selfies when indoors. Know your jumper is next-level underneath that coat while you're out.


The Statement Hoodie

Wear it with joggers and slippers inside. Dress it up with denim and a gold, architectural earring outside.


The Sweatsuit

Enjoy the easiness of a two-step look inside. Put on Air Force 1s, minimalist gold jewelry, or a long trench if you're in the mood to amp it up.


The Platform Chelsea Boot

Enjoy a comfortable flatform when you're inside. Lend your outerwear the slick look of leather outside.


Colorful Crochet

It'll boost your selfie with more than enough color indoors. It'll keep you cozy and remind you of your favorite blankets once you head out — even if you're wearing jeans.


The Chunky Flannel

Wear it over a ribbed tank with joggers inside. Pair it with denim and a turtleneck outside.


The Matching Scrunchie

Take full advantage of a matching color combo by wearing it on your wrist for a staged #OOTD or in your hair when you're on the go.


The Robe

Put on a red lip, get your glow on, and add a necklace. If you need inspiration for belting it up and taking it outside, we've got some ideas for you, too.