This Tie-Dye Clothing TikTok Trend Will Make You Feel Like You're in Summer Camp

POPSUGAR Photography | Eric Helgas
POPSUGAR Photography | Eric Helgas

When my best friend shot me a text last week saying, "I'm totally tie-dyeing my sweat suit," I was like, "Ha! Are you missing summer camp or something?" But she was sniffing out the next big trend in fashion, as one does, because this is a move TikTok-ers are very into right now. They're not just tie-dyeing matching sets — although, let's be honest, an all-out, head-to-toe style statement is always cooler — but also ribbed socks, t-shirts, and bucket hats. How's that for your daily dose of '90s nostalgia? We wouldn't even be surprised if Hailey Bieber, who seems to be queen of loungewear on the buzzy social platform, showed up in a tie-dye Drew hoodie soon.

POPSUGAR's Executive Style Director Dana Avidan Cohn broke down a step-by-step process for tie-dyeing her Amazon sweatshirt if you learn better by snapshot than by video, but if you want to get inspired with some TikToks set to feel-good, pump-up music, I highly suggest you scroll through. First, scope out your closet to see what's sitting around in your drawers just begging for the treatment, then grab that rubber-band ball. On that note, I know what I'm doing this weekend . . . or, like, in 30 minutes.

Tie-Dye DIY: The Cropped Hoodie

Tie-Dye DIY: Matching Sweatsuits

Tie-Dye DIY: Ribbed Socks

Tie-Dye DIY: Bucket Hats

Tie-Dye DIY: Oversize Sweatshirt

Tie-Dye DIY: T-Shirts