These 10 TikTok Videos Just Changed How I Organize My Closet

POPSUGAR Photography | Eric Helgas
POPSUGAR Photography | Eric Helgas

In the mood to clean out your closet? Yeah, me too. It seems like that's one of the many productive tasks filling up our schedules right now, while we're #stayinghome. But if you're going to tackle an organization activity around the house, you've got to approach it right. I couldn't believe how many tricks and tips I gathered when I took a deep dive into the world of TikTok. Sifting through tags like #stylinghacks and #closet, you can uncover new ways to display your bags, belts, and shoes, along with really neat methods for folding your t-shirts and pants.

Currently, your closet might be reserved for your eyes only. But once you rearrange your tees in one of the many smart ways TikTok users encourage ahead, you'll probably just want to take pics of your closet and post them on Instagram for days. Whether you need ideas for extra storage space because you're running out of hangers or you just want to tidy up the dresser top where you keep your adorable jewelry and headbands, you'll find a method that matches your style, I promise. Scroll through for 10 videos that'll spark action, then joy.


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