The New Jewelry Trend You Haven't Tried Yet

At first it was a silly style quirk, and then it became an everyday move: I couldn't stop layering my watches. I liked balancing a delicate gold chain with a thick leather strap. And to some extent, I felt like I was starting a trend. "Why are you wearing two watches?" my friends would ask, bemused.

But lately, I've noticed more and more wrists with not one but two watches, and, to quote Sam Smith, "I know I'm not the only one." This new jewelry look is cool, plain, and simple, and there are so many ways to pull it off. Keep scrolling for a few styling ideas, and then rest assured — you'll never lose track of time.

Instagram | wristwatchenvy

Find two watches with the same sleek, round face, and rock them in two colorways.

Instagram | mimiandlove

Mix a modern digital style with a traditional one.

Instagram | iivyistall

Get sporty with bright pops of color.

Instagram | parlourx

Got a couple of watches in oversize silhouettes? Wear one on each wrist.

Instagram | katieanncon

Contrast a delicate, feminine band with a bold in-your-face style.

Instagram | katieegudge

Complement your favorite watch with a smaller version of the same design.

Instagram | jenniferrefinnej

A solid reason to mix silver and gold.

Instagram | fantasticlizi

Be geometric about it and play with shapes and sizes.

Instagram | the_colorfashion

Separate your watches with some additional hardware.

Instagram | aubspendleton

Start an arm party with it! Layer on the metal and add a print or two.

Instagram | ceciliabaglini

The double-watch trend isn't the only statement you have to make. Show off a bold hand with the addition of chunky rings.

Instagram | alexisaysmile

Keep it dainty with thin, intricate gold pieces.

Instagram | manrepeller

Complete with a braided bracelet and a handful of bangles.