Gucci's Spring Runway Show Was the Game of Dress-Up You Used to Dream About

Gucci designer Alessandro Michele makes clothes that mystify. Of course, his well-considered sets — this time a misty room lit up in hot pink and decorated with a shimmering curtain of beads — play into the theme. But Michele enchants showgoers with a little help from his friends. For Spring 2017, he invited muses Soko and Dakota Johnson to sit front row and tapped Florence Welch for her moody tunes. Plus, Alessandro discovered artist Jayde Fish on Instagram, collaborating with her on exclusive looks that will be memorable because they reflect the "Magic Lantern" collection at hand.

While Jayde's drawings include majestic king monkeys and her pieces certainly stood out, there was a bigger picture here. Nothing was too far out or imaginative for Alessandro's game of dress-up. Sleeves were shaped into pineapples, jellyfish tentacles extended into ruffled skirts, and zebras swept across the front of bright fur coats. Power phrases like "Blind For Love," "Future," and "Cemetery" were imprinted onto hems, waistbands, and the edge of pants. Jacquard hats were massive, but none too large to distract from the retro frames, studded platform shoes, logo-embroidered fans, and of course the bags.

Some came in florals, while others were clean, so as to let the rest of the outfit shine. These voluminous rainbow gowns, fringed jackets, loofah-like tunics, and signature pussy bows certainly will not keep you in hiding. But if you like to blend in with the brand, there were plenty of iconic markings too. Recognizable Gucci stripes finished coordinate sets, but they also made up the runway floor, reminding us that Gucci is a house with romance and tradition at its core.