How to Make Your Holiday Outfit Stand Out From Everyone Else's

There's a reason why fashion girls always make a big deal about what to wear for the holidays: it's prime photo time! We want to look cute, stylish, and on point so we can reminisce about our outfits long after the holidays are over. In fact, we take festive dressing so seriously that we've even sourced the royals for inspiration and tapped a J.Crew expert for style advice.

The one thing we have yet to address, however, is how to make a holiday outfit different from everyone else's. Though we're predicting some holiday trends like metallics, a few simple style hacks will make those looks entirely your own. Read on for some easy tips to up your outfit game and then wait for those compliments to roll in from friends and family.


Go For a Fancy Pair of Flats When Everyone Else Is in Heels


Don't Be Afraid to Wear Different Holiday-Themed Prints Together


Always Ask Yourself If the Outfit Needs a Belt

Because it might!


Pair an Oversize Sweater With a Metallic Skirt


Show Off Your Holiday Spirit in Green


Switch Out the LBD For an LBJ (Little Black Jumpsuit)


Bows Aren't Only For Presents! You Can Wear 1 Too


Make Your Accessory the Sole Focus of Your Outfit


Try an "Ugly" Christmas Sweater Dress


Wear the Coolest Bag You Have (and Match It to Your Shoes)